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One Two Three Accounting Services limited liability company started in 2009 and continues the activity conducted by her shareholders, in different legal forms, since the year 1996.

Since its very conception, we have sought to structure the organization so as to best address our Clients' business needs. We make a continuous effort to expand our range of services because of constantly shifting expectations, while tailoring it to the current business environment.

We draw on a long-term professional experience and apply the personal approach to our Clients and their issues. We believe that our Clients' success translates directly into our own success - we therefore find it only natural to protect our Partners' interests and safeguard their financial standing. We achieve just that by relying on our extensive and up-to-date knowledge of finance and accounting, and a wealth of experience in related problem-solving.

Our personnel is made up of top notch professionals and seasoned accounting experts. Our team also includes certified auditors, solicitors, and financial consultants who regularly serve the Company through performing tasks commissioned by our Partners. We employ people who perceive their job as a challenge. We emphasize high level of professionalism and help them to continuously upgrade their skills. Whether you own or just manage a business, you often certainly make many sacrifices and spend months performing painstaking tasks - always at your personal risk, always exposed through your financial accountability. Navigating one's way amidst our ambiguous and constantly changing laws requires expert knowledge and experience in accounting, taxation & legal regulations, and social insurance.

For this reason alone, it seems only sensible to entrust such tasks to professionals who will assume liability for correct bookkeeping and entry-posting, provide tax consultations, and handle personnel & payroll matters for you.

Outsourcing accounting will reduce your costs, as compared to keeping the function in-house. In response to a constantly growing customer demand, we are continually expanding our range of services.

We hope that you find our offer interesting and that our prospect collaboration will result not only in success to your Company, but will also bring you a great level of satisfaction - after all, we always put customer satisfaction first.

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